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Education & Convention Committee
The Philosophy Committee was formed to promote and support cash based, wellness practitioners in the state of Arizona. This committee is hosts philosophy based speakers and addresses issues that are important to “straight” chiropractors, such as Innate Intelligence, health care freedom of choice and ‘TIC topics.

Personal Injury (PI) Committee
The Personal Injury Committee is composed of AAC member chiropractors who focus on personal injury work. The first objective here is to let our colleagues understand that personal injury work is not healthcare, it is injury care.  

We have two goals: 
1.To provide every DC in Arizona with the tools to succeed in their own personal injury practice
2. To provide to DCs who chose not to focus on personal injury with enough information to know where and when to refer their patients who are injured

Insurance Committee
The insurance committee helps to keep an eye on insurance regulations and challenges in the state of Arizona as they relate to chiropractic.

Insurance Committee Chair
Dr. James Bogash

Election Committee

Journal Committee

Legislative Committee